How to Send from an Alias in Gmail

You have a shiny new e-mail account at your new hosting provider. But, you don’t want to use the company-provided webmail, you want to send e-mail from your new address from Gmail. No problem! This is pretty easy to set up.

1. Log in to your Gmail account and click the gear in the upper-right corner. Click on Settings.

2. On the tabs directly under Settings, click Accounts and Import.

3. Next to “Send mail as” click Add another email address.

4. A window will pop up. Here you can enter your name as it will be displayed in the “From” section to your recipient. Also, you will enter the e-mail address that your e-mail will appear to come from. Typically will leave the “Treat as an alias” box checked. This is normally unchecked only if you are sending this e-mail on behalf of another person.

5. On this step, you will enter the SMTP server settings from your secondary e-mail provider. If you don’t have this information, contact support.

6. Gmail will now send a confirmation code to your secondary e-mail address.. Go to your secondary e-mail and locate this new message from Gmail. Copy or write down the code and enter it here.

7. After you enter the code sent to you by Gmail and click Verify, the window will disappear. You’ll be left on your Gmail settings page with the new alias set up.

To use your new alias, all you need to do is compose a new message. In your new message window, the “From” section will now have a drop-down list you can click to choose which e-mail address you want to send from.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or comment below!